In Memoriam
The Cadillac High School KISS Class of 1976
KISS changed the lives of the Class of 1976 forever.  We could not imagine the lasting effect of our shared experience would have on our sense of belonging to each other as a group.  Although long years have passed, we remain "the KISS Class."  Our bonds and friendships grow with each year.

We provide our support for the KISS monument to thank KISS for their visit in 1975, to acknowledge the community and the Cadillac Area Public Schools for our development and education, and to remember classmates we have lost.
The KISS Class wishes to honor:
Tom Anderson
Darrell "Doug" Becker
Chuck Butler
Mark Cederburg
Gary Christensen
Joel Curtiss
Sue Danford
Hope DePew
Tamra Emmons
Tom Farrell
Dave Forsgren
John Foster
Shelly Hansen
Kevin McConnell
Kathy Myers
Lori Nelson
Rick Pavlinac
Dan Peterson
Dani Jo Phillips
Peter Scarbrough
Kim Schnell
Thomas Michael Scholten
Scott Sprague
Tammy Sheets
Jim Vaughn
John Wilkins
Joe Wucker
You are not forgotten.

text courtesy of Lucy Best