SPAN 1010 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 1020 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 3100 Literature and Culture of Spain through the Golden Age
SPAN 3150 Advanced Grammar & Composition
SPAN 3200 Literature and Culture of Spain: Realism and Romanticism
SPAN 4901 Senior Assessment
ESL 1030 Advanced English Structure
ESL 0820 American Culture
NPD 3000 North Park Dialogue III: Community and Culture
EDUC 3601 Introduction to Linguistics
EDUC 3910 Comparative and Historical Linguistics
Dennis Bricault
Professor of Spanish
Director of English as a Second Language Programs
Chair, Foreign Language Department
Office: Magnuson Campus Center, ground floor
Phone: +1-773-244-4942
Fax: +1-773-244-4958
Spanish Resource Page
Spanish Resource Page