Spanish Resource Page
Spanish Resource Page
Culture links: USA
Power Point slideshows
•  Gender & agreement
•  Introduction to Spanish verbs
•  Subject pronouns
•  To be, or not to be?
•  Some common words
•  Numbers 0-30
•  Telling time
•  Meetings, greetings, & polite expressions
•  Culture Capsule: Hispanics in the USA
General Media
United States Country Report CNN in Spanish
Hispanolink People Magazine in Spanish
FirstGov -- government resources in Spanish Univisión
  La Raza -- weekly newspaper
  Weather Channel in Spanish
  Latin American television
  ESPN Deportes
  Spanish-language newspapers
Cities & Sites History & Society
San Antonio Hispanics in the U.S.: Link #1 | Link #2 | Link #3
New York Latino page "Picking Up a Spanish Influence" (Washington Post)
Los Angeles Latino page "The New Frontier / La Nueva Frontera" (Time)
Chicago Latino page | North Park links Hispanics Unlimited Potential website
Miami Latino page Spanish Colonial Living History
Houston Latino page  
Arts & Entertainment  
Chicago Graphic Arts: Link #1 | Link #2  
Museo de las Américas (Denver)  
Music (Batanga website)  
Música tejana  
Spanish Pop Music  
Tex-Mex cuisine  
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