Recent publications include:
“Loving Your Neighbor: Supporting the McCain/Kennedy Bill,” The Patriot News [Harrisburg, PA], April 9, 2005.
“Has the Sun Set on Immigration?” The Patriot News [Harrisburg, PA], August 14, 2005.
“Towards Cultural Authenticity in a Few Clicks,” Essential Teacher: The TESOL Magazine, Vol. 2. Issue 2, June 2005, 42-46.
“Coming Full Circle,” The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, Vol. 8, Winter 2002-2003, 87-88. 
Devocíon del pueblo--Religious Folk Art of Guatemala,” compiled with Donald J. Forsythe, Christine Forsythe, and Linda K. Parkyn; collection of Guatemalan santos and artists’ interviews exhibited in The Gallery of the American Bible Society, New York City, October-December 2001.

Spanish Resource Page
Spanish Resource Page
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