Portfolio Information
Portfolio Information
It is important to include all of the following in your portfolio.  The portfolio must be finished and turned in for departmental approval by the eighth week of the final semester the student is enrolled.  It is a requirement for graduation from the Foreign Language Department.

1.  Cover letter:  The cover letter summarizes the evidence of student’s learning and progress throughout the student’s university career.  Two sections of the cover letter, “About the author”, and “What my portfolio shows about my progress as a learner” will be written in the final semester and posted as part of the cover letter.

2.  Table of contents:
  Numbered pages of what is included.

3.  Entries:
  Both core entries and optional entries may be included.  The core elements will be required of each student and will provide a common base from which to make decisions on assessment.  The optional items will allow the folder to represent each student’s unique aspirations and further goals.  Students may include “best” pieces of work, and also pieces of work that were less successful with explanations of growth.  (See “Portfolio Grid” attachment-note that the core documents fulfill a variety of NPU goals and objectives.)
For transfer students and NPU students who declare the Spanish major late in their career, do your best to assemble documents that represent your work in the Spanish courses you have taken, such as important tests, final papers, and/or major projects.

4.  Dates:
  All pieces from classes will be dated to show growth over time.

5.  Drafts:
  Written drafts of papers may be included with corrected revisions.  Corrected papers are essential for final seminar papers, the honors thesis (SPAN4000), and research papers for internships.

6.  Reflections:
  For each item a brief rationale for choosing the item will be included. Students will reflect about what he or she has learned from doing the project and for the meaning of the item in the portfolio.

7.  Appropriate
photos and visuals: Visuals are encouraged in order to illustrate learning and add interest.

8.  Powerpoint presentation: 
A Powerpoint (in corrected Spanish) covering a study-abroad experience or an internship shall be submitted on a CD or DVD.
Essential Elements of a Portfolio
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